Benefits Of Foreign Direct Investment In India

Today India holds a special place in the FDI sector attracting companies from all over the world. If you are the owner of a global MNC but not yet entered the Indian markets be clear that there are many benefits of foreign direct investment in India

The credit has to be given to the Indian governance for opening and liberalizing its economy back in 1991. But back then the rules was still meant to protect the Indian business and keep goods and services ‘desi’ (Made in India). 

Now the government is strongly focused on attracting companies to invest or make a strategic buy in a shareholding of a company. This is quite clear from the Indian government’s increase in FDI for all sectors. All sectors from core industries such as Infrastructure, IT marketing, software development, metals, construction, etc to the services industry like banking are now eligible for FDIs. 

The government has also eased the way by making the merger and acquisition rules easier. Thus the compliance and the formal requirements of taking a stake in an Indian company are now easier than ever before. This coupled with the fastest developing economy of the world, in short, it can be said that foreign direct investment advantages in India are making companies come to India at a faster pace. 

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If you are willing to invest in Indian businesses then we will help you with detailed market insights as well as complete all the legal formalities. 


Welcome to Indian Entry Services- Your gateway to investment in India

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If you are on the path of becoming a global giant then the Indian markets are the key to the rise in revenue and profit margins.

When it comes to advantages of foreign direct investment in India there are few companies such as IES that can help you. 


Get an in-depth an analysis on Indian markets

We provide foreign companies who are looking for FDI investment in India by giving in-depth analysis of Indian markets. We will share with you the entire sectorial history, current growth, and challenges in the sector along with prospects. 


Know the best industry players and companies with future growth potential

When it comes to knowing about foreign direct investment benefits in India the priority is to get information on the best industries and companies with good future growth. 

At IES we will help you to give a detailed report on the best companies to buy a stake in our companies with huge growth potential.


Get help in the various stages on mergers and acquisitions

Our team will be helping you throughout the merger and acquisition process as well. We help you to arrange meetings and appointments with investment and merchant bankers. We will also brief you about the legal formalities along the way that needs to be ensured. 

India’s future economic growth seems bright with so many benefits of foreign direct investment in India. Don’t wait for other opportunities. Contact us today.