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At SM Management Services, we understand that retail roll-outs require detailed operational and financial assessments, along with a strong implementation plan. While, on one hand, our advisors are equipped with extensive knowledge and thorough understanding with regards to being compliant with the FDI norms for retailing in India, on the other hand our advisors are also able to support our clients in all related activities including cash flow maintenance, budget allocations, logistics and inventory management.


After years of striving to emerge as the leader in retail roll-out advisory, today we are poised as experts in India entry advisors for Retail roll out or India entry consulting company for Retail roll out.

SM Management Services takes great pride in developing customized approaches for establishing retail business for its clients in India, as we understand that every company needs to have a unique approach as per its business model.


We use quantifiable methods to estimate operational as well as financial requirements for retail operations and devise implementable strategies.


Along with this, we also provide wholesome implementation support that includes company incorporation, identifying and partnering with franchisees, location identification and lease agreement for stores, working with vendors for setting-up stores, regulatory approvals and staff recruitment. Additionally, we help manage the back-end operations such as payroll, accounting, book-keeping and inventory audits.


We assure that our team works as an extended partner and becomes an integral part of the foreign brand in India during the project implementation phase. We will also cater after the project implementation phase is over if any services required. We are confident that the brand will achieve the desired success through our expert network and advisors in implementation services.

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