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India Market Strategy

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD), India was the highest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) amongst Asian countries and amongst the top 10 recipient countries in the world in the year 2019. With an enormous 16% growth, India was disposed to spearhead the world in FDI. With the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic, prospects might be bleak all over the world, but India, with its highest production capability and highly positive demographic dividend, is still poised to rule the FDI. FDI in India increased by $2873Million in February 2020 and could be expected to raise to 4000 Million dollars by the end of this quarter. Clearly, the India market strategy is the unopposed winner, even during this time of pandemic.

SM Management Services experienced India market strategy advisors and India marketing strategy consultants shares the knowledge with our clients how to better Invest in India.

India Market Strategy Advisors

With India, emerging as one of the largest consumption and production based markets in the world, there is phenomenal untapped potential for foreign industries and companies to leverage the growth in terms of setting up production facilities as well as consumption markets to tap the potential of consistently emerging purchasing power of the expanding middle class segment.


With the world markets siphoning off businesses and facilities from China and surging towards India, how do you as an investor, hope to make your India market strategy an undisputed winner?

The keyword in your India market strategy is ‘Local knowledge’ 

Indian markets are geographically distinct, a mosaic mix of practices and a buzzing hub of resources but it takes a highly efficient team with ‘local’ knowledge and global approach to enable a business to flourish with the most judicious allocation of funds, logistics and manpower.  Another critical step in entering the India market is to determine whether there is sufficient opportunity to make the effort worthwhile. For this to be executed properly, it takes all-encompassing knowledge of the consumers, marketplace, the competition and the regulations and financial aspects of the venture. At SM Management Services, over 30 years of experience all across the Indian markets is a legacy.  Our highly qualified & experienced team is committed to assist companies be it American, European, Australian, Japanese or any other part of the world, to set up their ambitious projects in Indian Market. Our strategy driven Team will help curate the perfect India market strategy for your business whilst thoroughly assessing the proposed business plan on the following metrics:


  • Determining addressable market size & potential
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Determining regulations, duties , taxes and other legal formalities
  • Assessing demand-supply parity and gaining  customer feedback
  • Determining price, positioning and branding
  • Developing a threshold level entry into the  India market strategy
  • Hosting client India “experience” visit

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